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Saving the Savior

Search for the Historical Jesus

Jesus in Heaven on Earth

Christ in Kashmir

Jesus Lived in India


Other Books on the Historical Jesus


The World's Sixteen Crucified Savior

The Christ Conspiracy

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The Fifth Gospel - by Fida Hassnain & Dahah Levi

Jesus, Last of the Pharoahs - Ralph Ellis

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ - Levi

The Book of Enoch the Prophet - Richard Laurence

Prophet of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Upton Clary Ewing

Other Titles

The Life and Works of Jesus in India - Levi H. Dowling

Who is Jesus? - Nirmal Chandar Sarkar

Parables of Jesus and Buddha - Sthita Prajna

The mystery of Israel's ten lost tribes and the legend of Jesus in India (Hardback)- J M Benjamin

Saving the Savior: Did Christ Survive the Crucifixion?

This work was based upon the Tomb of Jesus website back in 2001 and has quickly become one of the most popular books on the historical Jesus. It was written to fulfill the direct request of visitors to the Tomb of Jesus Christ Website that a handy, paperback version be made available. This work presents strong evidence that "Jesus Christ" survived the crucifixion, traveled across what was then known as Asia , took up residence in Kashmir , India , and lived to the age of 120 years. It argues he is buried under the Rauzabal mausoleum in the Kan Yar section of Srinagar , Kashmir , India . The Rauzabal is a large structure, still intact, and visited by people from around the world. Thirty pictures and charts include actual Sanskrit, Tibetan and Persian language documents—with full English translations—that clearly and explicitly record the sojourn of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. It shows that Jesus never intended to be worshipped.

This book is unique also in that it places this subject in excellent historical context, examining the evolution of European philosophy and science, and its relevance to the historical Jesus. And read the fascinating details of how the tomb of Jesus Christ was discovered.

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The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

This book, an all-time classic, includes a lengthy and absolutely fascinating translation of a Tibetan manuscript found by Nicholas Notovitch, a Russian aristocrat, author and explorer, in the Hemis Buddhist Monastery in the 1890s. This authentic document reveals that Jesus Christ spent those "missing years" (unaccounted for in the Bible), between the ages of 13 to 29, in India and Asia .

Read about the six years he spent in Juggarnaut, Rajegriha, Benares and other holy cities, gaining the love and respect of all whom he encountered (except the priests!) Read about his defense of the "lower castes," the Vaisyas and the Sudras, and his bold stance against the Brahmans and Kshatriyas; and later, when he arrived in Persia en route back to Jerusalem, the fear he instilled in the Zoroastrian priests through his teaching to the common people that, "As long as the people had no priests...Their souls were in God."

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Jesus in Heaven on Earth
Journey of Jesus to
Kashmir , his preaching to the Lost Tribes of Israel and death and burial in Srinagar

Khwaja Nazir Ahmad's book is one of the top two Jesus-in-India books of all time. This book is a well-known classic. Twenty-seven chapters; 86 illustrations; a bibliography of 513 books; linguistic charts; insightful appendices; a chronological survey of the research, and much more make this book a scholar's paradise. Yet it is wholly readable for the average lay person. Nazir Ahmad, a bona fide scholar, cannot be dismissed as a "New Age" fanatic. He was well versed in Asian and Indian languages, comparative religious studies, world history and linguistics, and was once nominated for the Nobel. First written in 1950 and republished in 1998, this book does much more than present the issue of Jesus in India as some isolated, quaint topic. Thorough analysis is given to the important details of history, culture, religion, archaeology and linguistics, all woven together as one of the most systematic, coherent and logical presentations of the subject to date. Nazir Ahmad made his case.

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A Search for the Historical Jesus
Millions of people have been brought up with the idea that Jesus' life mission ended with the Crucifixion, to redeem our sins. This is becoming an untenable proposition. Professor Hassnain, a leading cross-cultural researcher of the life of Jesus, presents another story. Jesus came to teach the known, not just the Roman Empire. Professor Hassnain has uncovered manuscripts and evidence to demonstrate that:
  • the secretive Essene Order raised and protected Jesus;
  • Jesus' missing youth was spent in Persia and India;
  • many obscured Gospels reveal Jesus' work was backed by the Essene operations involving far more than twelve male apostles;
  • Jesus survived the Cross, in an undercover operation which fooled many;
  • Jesus ministered to Jews in Persia, Afghanistan, India and Central Asia, with Thomas and Simon Peter;
  • Moses, Jesus, and mother may, were burried in Kashmir - amongst people of Jewish faith and origins
  • The Church in the West, over centuries, has gone to great lengths to remove evidence of thism to strengthen its position as the representative of Chris on earth.
    Citing many historical sources, Professor Hassnain, himself himself a Sufi, respectfully questions what we have been taught - and argues that Jesus was a greater man than we realise.Professor Hassnain, as Director of Museums and Antiquities for the state of Jammu & Kashmir, discovered records of Jesus in Ladakh, and subsequently used his position to research what is presented in this long-awaited book.



Christ in Kashmir

Good things come in small packages. This jam-packed, 160-page book comes to Jammu Press--and now to you--directly from the city that houses the Tomb of Jesus Christ: Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, India. The author, Aziz Kashmiri, is a lifelong resident-author-scholar of Srinagar who is intimately and masterfully knowledgable of the history of Kashmir, including the history and traditions of Jesus in Kashmir. First published in 1973, it is now in its 6th Edition (1998, Roshni Publications, Srinagar). Aziz Kashmiri presents this work with raw vigor and honesty, proving that Jesus survived the crucifixion, travelled to Kashmir, and died at a ripe old age.

Chapter Titles include:

  • A brief chronological survey of the research
  • Origin of the name Kashmir
  • Inhabitants of Kashmir
  • Tomb of Moses in Kashmir
  • Who are Bani Israel?
  • Kashmiri language and Ibrani
  • Kashmiri language has not originated from Sanskrit
  • Crucifixion
  • Evidence of the German Scientists
  • Christ in Kashmir
  • The Promised Land--Kashmir
  • Jesus--the mortal
  • Jesus in Rajatarangini
  • Jesus in Lahore
  • The unknown life of Christ
  • Sayings and Teachings of Yuz Asaf or Isa
  • Jesus in East
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Some important references
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography



Jesus Lived in India

The English version of the book was released in 1986, translated from the German. The author is a teacher and traveler and interested in Oriental studies. He visited India to retrace the steps of Jesus’ actual life, having heard of the theory of Jesus in India in early 1970s.

He received help from Professor Fida Hassnain in gathering and summarizing the ancient Indian literature of Jesus’ life in India. The anthropologic evidence of the Lost Tribes of Israel having domiciled in Kashmir and Afghanistan is also reviewed.

He does rely on documents of dubious authenticity such as Notovitchs' - 'The Unknown Life of Jesus', to show that Jesus also visited India in his youth, as have many other scholars mentioned in our current review.

The journey of Jesus to India is discussed in detail in Chapter 6. No new evidence is provided apart from one reference to certain traditions of Kurdish tribes in Turkey.

One ethnologist from Luxembourg, who spent several years with these tribes in Turkey, mentioned there are oral traditions of Jesus residing in Eastern Turkey after the resurrection. Kersten provides no further details.

Interestingly, there are traditions in Persian books of history, such as Rauzat-us –Safa of Jesus’ sojourn in Turkey mentioned by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Jesus in India. Also, in the early 1900s, some first century Syriac documents entitled 'The Odes of Solomon' were discovered.

These belonged to followers of Jesus in what is now modern day Turkey. It is clear from these documents that Jesus survived the ordeal of the crucifixion, and due to intense persecution, migrated.

Holger Kersten has produced more books, focusing on the Jesus’ connection with Buddhism and Eastern Mysticism, and has had particular appeal amongst the New Age movement.



Other Books

The following two texts both draw parallels between the mystery religions, and other cults based on dying and resurrecting God-man figures. The idea that Jesus was a mythical figure based upon these traditions has been refuted in detail, but the study of this source material is important to raise awarenes of the cultutral and religions influences at the time of Jesus.

Thus the below two listed texts are important reading to get a flavour for this area of academic debate.

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors:Christianity Before Christ 

Kersey Graves ' 1875 classic, recently republished in 2001, has probably been read by tens, or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people. Amongst Western writers, Christians would probably rank Godfrey Higgins (Anacalypsis) and Kersey Graves at the top of their list of "most hated authors." Graves believed that Jesus existed, but not as a divine being. Chapters such as, "How Men, Including Jesus Christ, Came To Be Worshipped As Gods," offer devastating details revealing the pre-Christian pagan origins of "Christianity." Graves produced page after page after page of astonishing correlations between the Jesus of Christianity and 16 pre-Christian figures, e.g., Sakia (India, 600 B.C.), Thammuz (Syria, 1160 B.C.) and Quexalcote (Mexico, 587 B.C.) He shows 346 striking analogies between Jesus Christ and Krishna . Chapter titles include: Rival Claims Of The Saviors; Messianic Prophecies; Miraculous And Immaculate Conception Of The Gods; Virgin Mothers And Virgin-Born Gods; The Twenty-Fifth Of December: The Birthday Of The Gods; Titles Of The Saviors; Resurrection Of The Saviors; Christianity Derived From Heathen And Oriental Systems; The Sacrament Or Eucharist Of Heathen Origin. This book is a must inclusion to your library.

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The Christ Conspiracy

This book is already a classic after only a few years in print. Acharya S is a stinging writer, of great depth and passion, who has amassed a vast amount of material to advance her theory that Christianity and, indeed, the figure of "Jesus Christ" as generally portrayed, were created by a cabal of clandestine members of various secret societies, mystery schools and religions for the purpose of unifying the Roman Empire under one state religion.

Acharya postulates that "Jesus" was actually a composite character of popular dieties such as Mithras, Heracles/Hercules, Dionysos and many others who personified the ubiquitous solar myth. The story of Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible, is virtually identical in detail to that of earlier savior-gods, such as Krishna and Horus. Acharya S shows our Western Christianity to be a re-interpretation of ancient beliefs that were centered on the celestial bodies and natural forces.

The idea of Jesus being a mythical figure and the strong parallels drawn between the Greek Mystery religions and Orthodox Christianity is a detailed area of study. Many will feel that its been proven that Jesus was not just a combination of myths, but studying the materail certainly opens up the mind of the reader to other strong influences in Palestine at the time to which Paul would have tailored his reading of Jesus for his envangelism.

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