Documentaries Section

To date there have been three major TV documentaries covering the Tomb in Kashmir.

Dr Fida Hassnan features in both "Jesus in the Himalayas" and "The Hidden Story of Jesus" when discussing India and the tomb.

Jesus in India - Paul Davids - (2008 - 1x97minutes)

Sundance Channel & DVD

Hidden Story of Jesus - Channel 4 - (2007 - 1x60mins)

(Shown Christmas Day 2007)

Did Jesus Die? - Wild Planet Films (2003 - 1x60mins)

(Shown on BBC 4 first in 2003 - repeated over the years)

View the entire documentary courtesy of Google Video

View the entire documentary courtesy of Google Video


Jesus in the Himalayas - The Discovery Channel - 2001

This was re-shown on Discovery HD in 2008

Click here for is a 9 minute 30 second rendition of the program


Did Jesus Die? (DVD - China Only)

More details of 'Did Jesus Die?' at the BBC website. This docuemtnary is repeated every now and again on BBC 4. It is now availble for purcahse in China on DVD.

BBC Website - Did Jesus Die?

The Lost Years of Jesus (DVD - 1974)

This documentary was produced in 1974 by Richard Bock. It was re-released on DVD in October 2007 by VCI Entertainment. The film examines the idea of Jesus travelling to India between the ages of 12 and 30.