Mission Statement of Website:

"To facilitate and further the research on the theory of Jesus in India, with particular emphasis on the Roza Bol tomb believed to be the Tomb of Jesus in Shrinagar, Kashmir"


The Tomb of Jesus Website is maintained by a team of volunteers around the globe. The team is in touch with current researhcers, scholars and experts as well as having experts on board.

The website does not represent the views of any one individual, religious or secular group or religious organsation.

The material is taken from a variety of sources. At times some of the views expressed by one researcher will contradict those of another, but the aim of the website is to present the views and let the reader come to their own conclusion.

The websitehas developed over the years since its inception in December 1999.

Toady the website is well established as the online centre for "Jesus in India" studies.